PSD to WordPress Conversion

PSD to WordPress Conversion

Pixel-Perfect PSD to WordPress site conversion service for Graphic Designers and Design Studios.

PSD to WordPress conversion service for Graphic Design Studios

We work with Designers and Studios all over the world to bring their website designs to life in the form of a fully functional WordPress powered website.

We work with businesses of all size, whether you don't have any in-house technical expertise and want to be able to chase after web design work to expand into online work or you want to bolster your existing development team during a busy time, just get in touch.


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I think your PSD to WordPress Conversion Service would be a good fit for my business, but how much does it cost?

Good question. Generally speaking we quote per unique page template. So on your typical brochure site, you may have a few page templates - a home page, a three column page, a two column page and a contact page.

We don't just convert your designs into WordPress themes. We can setup all aspects of the entire site. This will also impact the project cost.

If you have a project in mind, feel free to get in touch using the form above. We are more than happy to have an obligation free chat about your requirements and answer all of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our PSD To WordPress Service

  1. What services do you provide for creative professionals and companies?
    We convert your designs from a PSD, AI, EPS, JPEG or PNG file into a beautiful WordPress theme (& plugin where required). Our code complies with current web standards and best practices.
  2. A good client has asked me to design their new website. I don't know where to start. Can Darvu help?
    A number of our clients come from a print-only background and want to expand the range of services they offer. These are businesses who don't have any in-house developers. They rely on us to help them with quotation on the technical side. So, where should you start? Sit down, have a chat with the client and find out what they want to achieve. If you don't know what questions to ask, just get in touch with us and we will help you establish a short questionaire to incorporate into your design brief.
  3. Will my client know that Darvu are involved?
    No, our service is completely white-label. So they won't hear about us unless you tell them! All themes and plugins are branded in your business' name. We never engage with your customer directly.

You can find our full FAQ here.

Do you have any questions about our PSD to WordPress service?

We know and appreciate that if you are reading this, you may be a non-technical person. That is no problem at all, if you have been reading through our site, you will have noticed that we like to keep the tech talk to a minimum. Contact us today - we are happy to talk you through the process of converting your website designs into beautifully functional WordPress websites.

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