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How to keep your site content fresh.

April 9th, 2014 How to keep your site content fresh.

Following on from our earlier post, one of the easiest (and cheapest) things you can do to get your website further up the rankings is to add fresh content. Search engines love fresh content! Because they love it, they will be sure to come back and check your site regularly.

Here are three very brief suggestions on what you should be doing to keep your site fresh:

  1. Add news/posts/articles regularly. Make sure these are about your core business or particular products/services you want to promote. Share details about a recent project or a testimonials about a recent job.
  2. Add new good quality images and label them correctly. This will help with your image search results – which is becoming quite popular.
  3. Make sure the information on your site is current. Remove old or redundant information and be sure to add any new products or services you offer.

How often should you update your website?

Ideally, we would recommend several times per week. But we know that you need to work for your business, not your site! So for a small business we would recommend that you post one update to your site every week.  A few paragraphs and images – that’s all!

Return on Investment (ROI)

The act of updating your site regularly with relevant content will pay off in the short term (in a matter of weeks). It will help bring in targeted traffic – people who are actively looking for your services and products.

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