Marketing your business online. Part 2: Choosing the right channels

This is the second instalment of our “Marketing your business online” guide where we hope to help you to get to know which channel you should use to promote your business online.

In the previous instalment, we gave you a very short introduction to each of the channels you can use to market your business online and left you with a question…

How do I know which method is best for my business?

Unfortunately there is only one answer to that question and it is a  short one…. nobody knows! The only way ... Read More

Marketing your business online. Part 1: Introduction

This is the first instalment in our “Marketing your business online” guide where we hope to help you to get to know which channel you should use to promote your business online.

What are the options?

First we will (very) briefly discuss some of the more popular options for marketing your business online.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of improving your websites visibility in the search engines so that you get more relevant, highly targeted, traffic to your site via organic search. Organic search is essentially where the search engines crawl ... Read More

How to deal with Ajax Caching in IE

Warning, this is a techie post.

I recently had an issue with Internet Explorer recently when using getJSON  to get a result set from the server, however the client browser was displaying an old version of the result set. After a little digging, I found that IE caches ajax transactions by default. Personally, I think this is daft, as I generally want to request new data from the server the majority of the time. From this point of view, I think it would be better to have caching disabled by ... Read More

Sort listboxes that have been populated with JSON results.

I was working on a CakePhp project recently and had an Ajax response returning data in the incorrect order even though CakePhp was actually sorting the data correctly.  I thought I would post this handy snippet for anyone that is in a similar position.

//Sort listbox after population with JSON result. function Sort(elementId) { // Convert the listbox options to a javascript array and sort (ascending) var sortedList = $.makeArray(

$("#" + elementId + " option")).sort(function(a, b) { return $(a).text() < $(b).text() ? -1 : 1; }


// Clear the options and add the sorted ones $("#" ... Read More

Adding an upload filetype to WordPress

By default, wordpress limits the files types that you are allowed to upload to images, pdf files, and a few others (full list of allowed file types here). When you try to upload a filetype that isn’t on that list of allowed  types, you will get a File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another. error. Not to fear, this is easy to get around by adding the code below to your theme functions.php file.

This quick snippet will allow you to add multiple new filetypes to the allowed list ... Read More

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