Website Design

Website Design

We are passionate about good website design. Is your website crying out for an overhaul, or do you need a new site? We can help. We will work closely with you to help your business access huge potential markets via the internet. Our sole focus is to create a powerful online presence that makes a statement about your products, services and business, helping you to succeed.



Design a website that works for your business

Want to do something a little different to outfox your competitors? We’re game. We encourage our clients, not to try and ‘catch’ the competition. Be different. Be better.

All of our websites are powered by WordPress (Content Management System), giving you the autonomy to add, edit and remove content from the moment you take delivery of your new website. As easy to use as Microsoft Word, you can update your site on the road, allowing your website content to move at the same pace as your business, keeping it fresh and dynamic. It also means you’re not tied into maintenance contracts.


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What are the hidden costs associated with Website Design?

There are a number of factors to consider outside of the expense of designing and setting up a site:

  1. You need to have content to put on this site. Sometimes you may need to pay for stock photography where you cannot obtain suitable images yourself.
  2. You need to pay for your domain name and hosting annually. We can help with this if you would like us to handle it.
  3. If you want to run a secure site (i.e. hosted over HTTPS), you will have to pay for an SSL Certificate.
  4. Occasionally some sites will run premium (commercial) plugins which require an annual subscription fee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Design

  1. I already have a WordPress site, but I want to update the appearance. Do I need a new site?
    No, one of the great features of WordPress is its ability to keep the overall site appearance separated from the content. This means we can easily and quickly change the appearance of the site without modifying the content.
  2. How long does it take to design/redesign a WordPress site?
    Not very long at all. However this will depend on your requirements. For example, if you want a very complex site, it will take our designers longer to create the visuals. This in turn will have a knock on effect when it comes to development. As a guide, a new site, assuming the client has all the content organised and available, you are looking at about four to six weeks. For a theme-only redesign, you are looking at between three and four weeks.

Set up your online presence today.

We know and appreciate that if you are reading this, you may be a non-technical person. That is no problem at all, if you have been reading through our site, you will have noticed that we like to keep the tech talk to a minimum. Contact us today - we are happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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