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We have said it before and we’ll say it again – we love WordPress!

While it is easy to use, sometimes you may need professional help with WordPress maintenance on your website.

The importance of a good WordPress Maintenance service

With such a large community (and of course, Automattic) behind WordPress, updates for your site, themes and plugins are released regularly. Our WordPress update service is the safest way of keeping your site up to date, thus mitigating any potential security flaws in older versions of the WordPress core, themes and plugins.

We test all updates on our staging servers, ensuring that all updates are safely and correctly installed. We only update your production site when we are 100% happy that your site will suffer no ill effects. Out of hours updates are available to avoid any down time during your core business hours.

What does our WordPress Maintenance Service involve?

Backup Your Website

It is important to have a current site backup on hand at all times.

Keep Your Site Up-To-Date

Mitigate the majority of security threats by keeping WordPress, your Theme and all Plugins updated.

Database Maintenance

Some WordPress themes and plugins can introduce unnecessary data to the datbase causing it to get bloated and slow over time.

Monitor Site Uptime

We monitor your site periodically to ensure that it is online.

Review WordPress Security

As you may be aware, new WordPress related vulnerabilities are discovered every day. To maintain site security, it is important to review your security measures on an on-going basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our WordPress Maintenance Service

  • What is your process? Your site needs to be up and running 24/7. We take a full backup of your site and set up a copy of it on our servers, where we will perform all maintenance in a safe environment. When we are happy with the changes, we will then move them over to your live server.
  • How often should updates be installed? As regularly as possible. Some popular options are daily, weekly and monthly. The bulk of our Worry Free WP service users opt for monthly updates. Smaller sites are generally fine with monthly updates. We would recommend more frequent updates and backups on larger sites.
  • How do we know what is being done to our site? At the end of each month, we send you a report which will highlight your site uptime, updates installed, backups made, etc. This gives you good visibility over the work we carry out on your site.
Do you have questions about our WordPress maintenance service?

It is in your interest to protect your online business presence and your brand. Take a proactive step to guarantee peace of mind and ongoing profitability by having us ensure that your WordPress site and hosting account are up to date and functioning correctly.

To find out more about our WordPress Worry Free Maintenance Service, contact us today.

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