WordPress Security

There are approximately 455,000,000** WordPress sites online – this means it is a large target for hackers.

Ensure peace of mind by securing your site today. Our WordPress Security Hardening service will circumvent all known hacks.

**Unbelievable, we know! But correct as of June 2020.

Is your WordPress site secure?

Good question. We’ll start with a quick survey – these questions are a little technical, but stick with it!

  • Is your hosting account secure and is it running the latest version of PHP and MySQL?
  • Is your WordPress installation up-to-date with no pending updates?
  • Are all of your plugins up-to-date?
  • Is your database running on with standard table prefix?
  • Do you log into WordPress with the “admin” user account?
  • Are your WordPress account passwords strong enough?

There is a lot more to WordPress security, but if you answered No to (or can’t answer) any of the above questions, it is time to give your site a security health check.

WordPress Security Hardening

What is WordPress Security Hardening and why is it necessary? WordPress is, in a word, “Free” (Open Source). There is a vast, wonderful, community behind WordPress, contributing to WordPress, building Themes and Plugins. Unfortunately new vulnerabilities are found in plugins and commercial themes daily.

So, how do you mitigate the risk presented by these vulnerabilities? Firstly, keep your site backed up. Secondly, stay on top of WordPress updates. Finally, get in touch with us to perform a WordPress security audit on your site. We will take a very critical look at your WordPress installation and enhance site security to current best practices.

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Some Consequences Of Poor Site Security

  • Damage to your Brand’s reputation You have spent long enough working to establish your brand. A compromised site can lead to fallout – including damage to your business’ reputation and ultimately loss of business.
  • Downtime If you are unfortunate enough to have your site hacked, your site will be offline until it is fully repaired and secured. Downtime results in a loss of revenue, potentially for several days.
  • Data Breaches Under GDPR, the onus is on your organisation to protect your customer and employee data. All data breaches must be reported to the Data Protection Commission. At a minimum, your business will have to carry the expense of investigating the breach. At a maximum, your organisation will face serious fines.
Would you like to schedule a WordPress Security Health Check?

It is in your interest to protect your online business presence and your brand. Take a pre-emptive step to guarantee peace of mind and ongoing profitability by having us check your WordPress site and hosting account for all known security vulnerabilities.

To find out more about our WordPress Hardening and health check services, schedule a call today.

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