WordPress Support & Repair

WordPress Support & Repair

In over your head with a broken WordPress site? Call us for fast and efficient WordPress support.

Urgent WordPress Repair

WordPress is stable and mature. But every now and again, a stubborn issue will pop up. Sometimes, updating your version of WordPress can cause issues with older plugins and themes. The result is that your site is off the air and when visitors try to visit your site, they are greeted with the dreaded "White Page Of Death"!

Other times you may find that half of your site is missing, the menus are screwed up or that one of your plugins has gone rogue, forms are not working or some pages just do not look the way they should.

If any of this sounds familiar, do not despair, we are on hand to provide premium WordPress support in your hour of need.

Call Us Now For Fast, Efficient WordPress Support


Why choose Darvu for WordPress Support?

Experience and experience alone. We have been using and working with WordPress since 2003 and in that time, we have built up a wealth of experience.

We have yet to encounter a problem we have not been able to solve.

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Suport

  1. WordPress is broken, what should I do?
    Contact us immediately. Once we have access to your site and have made a full backup, we will get to work.
  2. I need to move my WordPress site from one hosting company to another, can you do it?
    Yes, we can. We can migrate from one domain to another, keep the same domain and migrate to a new hosting company, or simply move WordPress to a new location in your existing hosting account.
  3. How much do Darvu charge?
    Obviously this will depend on the issue. We charge an hourly rate for support work.
  4. Do you offer fixed-price support packages?
    We can do if you really want one. But generally speaking we find this to be unnecessary - the majority of our customers pay for support on a pay-as-you-use basis. This works out to be much better value for our clients.

Do you have a WordPress problem and you're not sure how to sort it out?

We know and appreciate that if you are reading this, you may be a non-technical person. That is no problem at all, if you have been reading through our site, you will have noticed that we like to keep the tech talk to a minimum. Contact us today - we are happy to look at your WordPress problems with you and come up with a solution.

Call: +353 (0)61 748882