WordPress Training

WordPress Training

Every site and client is unique. We tailor your WordPress training specifically to suit your site and requirements.

One-to-One and Team WordPress Training

Whether you are completely new to WordPress or just need a refresher, our customised training is for you. Our staff have over ten years of experience with WordPress and have literally been using it since it was launched. We pride ourselves on providing training that is specific to your needs. Get in touch to discuss your training requirements today.

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    WordPress Training for Graphic Designers

    WordPress is a fantastic, full featured, free content management system (and application platform) that will help you add value to your projects. We help Graphic Designers and Studios learn about:

    • The key selling points of WordPress.
    • eCommerce, Web Application and Mobile Application potential.
    • What it is suitable for.
    • How best to implement it.
    • How you can easily manage your clients' websites on a day-to-day basis.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our WordPress Training Service

    1. Can you show me how to use my own site?
      This is the approach we take with the majority of our sessions. All sites are different, so a generic course wouldn't be of much use to our clients! We will show you everything you need to know about running and maintaining your own site on a day-to-day basis.
    2. How long do the training sessions take?
      There are a few variables here - every site and every student is different. The first variable is how complicated your WordPress site is (some sites are tricker to use than others) and the second is the ability of students. Normally we will request the login details for your site and then draw up a rough training plan. At this point, we will have a good idea of what is involved and will be able to chat with the students to figure out what level they are at. More often than not, a single half day session will do the trick.

    Do you have specific training requirements?

    Contact us today - we are happy to talk with you about your requirements and formulate a training plan to suit your needs.

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